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SPD is proud to carry a wide variety of gluten free foods.

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Each week we’ll bring you recipes with ingredients from our weekly ads! Doing our part to make your dollar go further.

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Earn 3% of your qualifying purchases for your school or non-profit organization every time you shop.

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We know how busy your day can be so we have a full catering dept. to meet all your needs, from a whole- some dinner to a weekend party! We’ve got you covered.

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Full service postal center, bill pay services, money orders, lottery sales, fishing licenses & more at each SPD location.

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The original SPD Market was founded in 1959 by three men who operated businesses on Broad Street in Nevada City.  They were Bert See, Lawrence Painter and Joe Dilley.  Bert owned a Western Auto franchise, Lawrence a small grocery store (Painters Market) and Joe, a butcher shop inside Painter’s Market.  The three decided they needed more space and their own parking lot and when an opportunity arose to move out of downtown to a large property and a building constructed for them, they made their move.  There were many who were skeptical that they would succeed being located “so far out of downtown.”

SPD Market did succeed.  Customers found the new 12,000 sq. ft. building spacious and filled with a wide selection of both food and general merchandise and there was ample parking.  A few years later it became necessary to expand the building – doubling its size.  The market became a basic one stop shopping location carrying not just groceries, produce and meats, but sporting goods, hardware, automotive, clothing, gardening, toys and furniture.  A saw shop selling small motor equipment and Honda motorcycles was opened after the expansion.

Not long after the market enlarged Bert See and Joe Dilley sold their interest in the business to Lawrence Painter and in 1980 a second store was opened in Grass Valley. Lawrence had several key employees to whom he provided an interest in the business.  They were his brother Royce, Bill Basso, Tony Rhol and Roy Brooks.  They have all since retired selling back their interest to the second generation of Painters, Lawrence’s’ four children – Dennis, David, Doug and Dean who continue to operate the business today with the help of a dedicated staff.

Gradually the nature of the business changed and SPD Markets are now mainly grocery oriented.  Only the Nevada City store continues to carry a large selection of general merchandise with sporting and athletic goods, hardware and automotive.  The Saw Shop was sold off and still operates under the “SPD Saw Shop” name. 

A third generation of Painters now work for the company and are helping to move the business forward in an ever-changing world.  Expansions continue to be made in all Departments, particularly in specialty, natural and organic products.  SPD Markets currently carry 30,000+ items with many items coming from local producers.
With the help of a great staff, many of who are long serving, and loyal customers SPD will continue to play a role in the life of Nevada County.